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2010 - My Better Than Average Photos

2010 was my mold to better things, at least that's what I hoped in the beginning. It turned out to be a fantastic year. A year where I learned a lot about myself, what I'm capable of and also I get to meet more great individuals and probably discover more about my friends. Sounds so cliche but yeah.
What is shown below is my side of a story. I might not be that good in explaining things verbally, I guess it's best I show it by visual storytelling. All of the below are my viewpoints, to tell someone's story, on their happiest day... arranged in no particular order of favoritism (except the first few, haha).
I ended 2009 with a target that I'll do my 365 Project, discover myself and be someone. Of course, I didn't manage to keep up with the 365 Project probably because I felt that I needed more time to compose life in a day. I managed the other two though. Not bad. 2 out of 3.
Well, next year, my only resolution is to stay happy and make others happy while staying true to myself. That's all. I need.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me since Day 1. I truly appreciate all of your efforts to even "Like" my facebook page. Such an honor.
Love, from 2010. Welcome 2011.
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